We can trace the beginnings of what is now The Catholic Cemeteries Association to the earliest decades in the history of the Diocese of Pittsburgh. Among the cemeteries established during that time were those that eventually became the founding members of The Catholic Cemeteries Association: St. Mary Cemetery, Lawrenceville; St. Joseph and St. Thomas Cemeteries, Braddock; Calvary Cemetery, Hazelwood; and St. Philomena Cemetery, Ross Township.

In the decades to follow, other cemeteries were established that would eventually become members of The Catholic Cemeteries Association. But these four–St. Mary Cemetery, Braddock Catholic Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery and North Side Catholic Cemetery–would become the charter members of The Catholic Cemeteries Association when it was incorporated on December 23, 1952. To all those who established, operated and maintained these cemeteries in the Catholic tradition, we owe a profound debt of gratitude.

The Catholic Cemeteries Association currently owns, operates and maintains 16 diocesan cemeteries in Allegheny and Washington counties in western Pennsylvania. Below you will find information regarding the history of some of our initial cemeteries. For an expanded listing of cemeteries and descriptions, please refer to the cemeteries section of this site.