Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery

Mount Carmel Cemetery was established in 1889 by the Carmelite fathers who staffed Holy Trinity Parish in the Hill District of Pittsburgh. It served as a parish cemetery until May 1, 1958, when it became the first parish cemetery to be merged into The Catholic Cemeteries Association. Today, this 53-acre cemetery serves Catholic families in Penn Hills and surrounding areas. It now includes an inspiring chapel mausoleum of the same name.

Our Lady of Fatima Chapel Mausoleum

Construction for the Our Lady of Fatima addition is now underway.  This new expansion will add 1,028 addition crypt spaces, 480 stone front niches and 192 glass front niches for cremation.

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Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery & Mausoleum
7601 Mount Carmel Road
Verona, PA 15147-1518
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